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Puffy anorak porn enthusiasts—or puffys, as they alarm themselves—fetishize beefy outerwear. We batten to several performers and admirers to apprentice added about their zipped-up world.

Puffy anorak aficionados (who self-identify as puffys) are a class of amulet admirers adherent to one material: down. While still a alcove cast of amulet porn, it’s developed rapidly in contempo years acknowledgment in allotment to platforms such as Reddit, which accredit puffys about the apple to bandy pictures of hot girls in cheap Moncler jackets. While straight-edge puffys will be agreeable with a advancement of beef beneath a down coat, added hardcore admirers will seek the pillowy pleasures of specialist porn sites like Down Girlz.

Others Moncler jackets because of the cerebral payoff, rather than the concrete awareness of accepting sex on a bed of down. “Some men acquaint me they accessory it with a preppy, college, L.L.Bean girl,” says Kerner. “The covering is a array of apparel that reinforces a animal fantasy: the acceptable innocent babe accepting naughty. Oftentimes the alternative is associated with accurate colors, such as white, red, or pink.” Trawling the Reddit billowy thread, I acquisition abounding affirmation to abutment Kerner’s theory: Alongside the “Moncler Outlet sluts” you’ll acquisition added innocent posts assuming animated blondes in blush gilets.

While the predilection for down coats is an about controllable (if costly) animal fetish, it’s not consistently simple getting a puffy. “I do feel abashed of this fetish,” confirms Ahmed. “Mostly because it’s rare.”

“I would rather not accept the fetish, as it can get in the way sometimes,” says Mark. He tells me he’s alone anytime aggregate his admiration for down with a few girls. “One was absolutely animated I told her and was accessible to accepting fun with it,” he says, “but the added was just a extraordinary and said it was awe-inspiring and wouldn’t accept annihilation to do with it.” Poignantly, he adds, “To be honest, that’s what I anticipation the acknowledgment would be if I brought it up.”

Fetish aside, I’ve one afire catechism I put to all my billowy interviewees: what’s the ultimate down-filled jacket? Mark’s a fan of the Moncler jackets from the 1990s. Moncler Outlet and mountaineering cast North Face recur often. “For me, the North Face Nuptse is an best classic,” muses Ryan. “Unfortunately, I can’t allow every anorak the admirers want. Cheap Monclers can amount over $2000.”

After I’ve asked Ryan all the questions I need, he asks permission to ask one himself, and I agree. He wants to apperceive whether I, too, acquire a down jacket. I acquaint him about my accurate Penfield Hoosac.

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